10 Reasons why I Write

Written words have been used for thousands of years to communicate thoughts and ideas. I always loved, both reading and writing.

After quite a few years of not bringing the pen on the page, I began writing to heal my life and my body, to love and accept the unlovable. Journaling helped me not only heal but also see myself as a student of life, a writer, and an author. These are my reasons for journaling and writing:

  1. Journaling is my own time to get in touch with my soul and the universe.
  2. Every time my pen comes to page, my non-physical guides are right there with me, whispering in my heart and guiding my hand. I learned to cherish this relationship and depend on their inspirations.
  3. As words from the depths of my heart pour on the page, I become acquainted with my body as well as my soul. The healer in me prompts me through my words to pay attention to parts of my body in need of care, long before the manifestation of the symptoms appear. Not only promptings but solutions show up on the page.
  4. Writing is the way to clear the bewildering thoughts of my mind, vent anger or frustration, access parts of my deeper self, feel feelings I ignore, and allow the creative juices to flow.
  5. Issues needing my attention are persistently pouring on the page, asking me to find ways to deal with them. Scribbled words pointing to untamed weeds give me the opportunity to pull them out or keep them in check, healing both my body and freeing my soul.
  6. I write to gain deeper understanding of my experiences, feelings, dreams, imagination, hopes and vision. To share my experiences and the way I see the world; to call attention to something that caught mine.
  7. I write to celebrate triumphs; to look to failures, loses, and disappointments for feedback.
  8. I write to remember my story. Who knows when the wicked winds might blow away my memories? (For years I wanted to create our family tree, but never made the time. Now, my mother is too old and memory loss has taken a toll on her.)
  9. I write to inspire, empower, and urge readers to live a rich life, both physical and spiritual. I found out that empowering others returns back to me manifold, not only rewarding but fortifying me against ills.
  10. Finally, I have to admit, I am writing because this ego of mine yearns to leave something of me behind, before it’s gone.

This post was inspired by Bryan Hutchinson, author and blogger at positivewriter.com and Jeff Goins’ post Why I Write, at goinswriter.com/why-i-write/

Now, you know why I write.

Your turn to share in the comments why you write!

If you don’t already, there are plenty of reasons to begin!



Why we should be virtuous The perspective of a 17-year old girl

The other day, as I was going through old school papers, I found an essay I had written when seventeen years old. I had forgotten about it and was surprised for two reasons:

For one, it was written in purist Greek. Growing up in Greece, we spoke the demotic language, which is still spoken today. I had forgotten however that the language we used in writing was extremely purist and much closer to the Koine than the verbal one.

Secondly, I had forgotten that much of my writing in school essays or journal entrances was dealing with mature and sophisticated topics, such as this one about virtue.

Here is a copy of this essay’s first page -more current than ever-

all Greek to you, I am sure:

moms doc

Read below my translation, uncensored of my current perspective, which will be posted next.


Why we should be virtuous

Man by nature has the propensity to be virtuous. Virtue itself elevates him to a benevolent being, with the potential to eventually connect with the divine.

Plython, the ancient Greek philosopher said:

“Virtue is a habit through which we become good, honest, decent, and kind.”

Virtuous is he who acts according to the innate moral law; he who acts under the command of a higher and powerful universal principle. According to Plython, a virtuous man is wise and just, pious, brave, sweet-tempered, open-handed, and honorable.

The virtuous man does not attach himself to riches. He is not governed by pleasures of the flesh either, as he sees himself more than just a body. He knows he is in, and with the, spirit. The goals and standards he sets, his aspirations, are not base and vile. They are noble and sublime…in harmony with the divine.

He who habitually lives a life of virtue is respected by society as a man of good standing and reputation. Perhaps, the world would have been ruined without virtuous and highly principled people. Today (that was fifty-one years ago) more than ever, virtue must revisit and grace our world.

Only God is holy and divine. While though man often sees himself only as logical, he has it in his power to be wise and watchfully proceed to his upward journey.

When it comes to his relationship with others,to live with justice

In the course of life’s tribulations and affliction, to operate with bravery and patience

During troubles built by his own free will, to live with moderation and discretion, to remain in hope and faith

Many are the blessings of virtue. A moral man is good not only for himself but for the world as well. Civilizations fully mature when good values are weaved in the fibers of humanity.

No man can thrive physically and spiritually unless he lives with virtue. He cannot have a healthy body and mind (soul) if he does not practice self-restraint from food, alcohol, and illicit pleasures, if not temperate, loving, courageous, generous, and connected to the divine through faith and hope.

On the contrary, man feels great spiritual relief when he lives his life according to innate moral laws, when he escapes the wicked and vile entanglements, when he steps away from the mud, lifts hiself upwards, and conforms to the divine laws.

Yes, such is the man our world desperately needs today!

Let’s all strive to live a life enhanced with values and virtue!


Please share in the comments something about your teenage ethical beliefs on life?

Looking forward to share with you my mature perspective on Virtue! I hope you will come back.

Blessings and Light this beautiful season!

Katina Vaselopulos



Lord as Provider, Faith for Finances


Dear friends, welcome!

Proud to share with you a guest post by my daughter Kathy. Her life in Greece has been full of challenges. The last years, however, have been extremely hard, as she had to bear the entire responsibility of running her household on limited founds, time and again feeling hopeless. Her diplomas in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching were powerless in providing for her family.

God’s angels came from everywhere and pulled her up when she was drowning. They handed her a piece of thrift wood and showed her the way to the shore!  

Oh, she is grateful! And so am I!


Image by Katina Vaselopulos

Through it all she has grown to a strong, wise, and spirited woman, who by God’s grace is able to see the bigger picture behind her struggles. Her hardships not only did not defeat her but opened her eyes to “see” and trust God and the goodness in people. Furthermore, she realized her own strength not to give up when things got difficult and, more than anything, not to be bitter and angry but rather find faith, compassion, and forgiveness in her heart.

Here is what she shares:

Lord as Provider, Faith for Finances

While we celebrate significant events on specifically set holidays, we often fail to realize that each day is a celebration in and of itself. Thanksgiving, is a case in point. Why be thankful for all our blessings JUST that one day?

Counting them daily, we grow to accept difficulties as opportunities to cultivate patience, trust, compassion, and humility and learn to trust that reasons beyond our understanding are at work.

Yesterday, I committed to sharing my story. When I woke up this morning and my alarm went off, the melodies of Christmas music playing for the first time this season reminded me of the beautiful holiday and the miraculous birth of Jesus our Lord and filled my heart with peace. As I am still listening right now, I feel grateful for the many miracles that keep me going through all the adversities of my life. A coincidence, you say?

We know there are no coincidences. Just incidents that fit together to reinforce God’s presence everywhere. Just as long as we are open and willing to listen, see, feel, and accept these wonders, in whatever form they come!

 God has always been a part of my life, more like a distant cousin though, you don’t see very often or truly know. How can one have a relationship with someone if only meeting each other around holidays?  I realize that for years, I was short of the most basic ingredient in life ….FAITH. I remember asking myself: How do you get faith? Where do you go? What does it look like? My thirst however, for knowing and living through this so called “faith” in God, was only quenched during the most difficult and trying period of my life.

Throughout the past two years, this distant “cousin” has become more like a member of the family; a dear friend, if I might say, who pays us frequent visits, since  I have been calling upon Him daily, inviting Him into my life, celebrating and giving thanks every moment.  The Lord has carried me when I was too tired and could no longer walk. He has provided for my family and me financial aid that was so desperately needed. 

Just when I had no more money to pay my bills, often not even enough for the next meal, and didn’t know where to turn or what to do, the Lord as Provider came through. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly over this difficult period!

 I have finally come to acquire faith in our Lord and trust that He will always be there for me. And it’s not only about the financial relief. I believe this was His way of getting my attention, because that’s where I felt the hurt more.

For me it has been faith in the whole process of life, the universe… Trusting in what is and having blind faith that God has already taken care of everything.

My heart is filled with gratitude as I give thanks every day for all the blessings in my life, for the “safety net” of family, friends, and strangers that God has laid out for me, in my leap of blind faith. 


 God Bless!!

 Kathy Vaselopulos, Athens, Greece    


We have been in the eye of the storm for so long. Yet, with God’s Grace, we haven’t been wrecked by it. We haven’t lost hope and rely on Him and His great plan, handling everything with patience and dignify, trusting Him to bring solutions to hopeless situations.

I am grateful that I can count on my husband Spyros to take care of our family. I am appreciative to my friends for their comforting words and prayers. I am deeply indebted to all who have supported my Kathy with love and prayers, but mainly with generous financial backing.

My gratitude to God is immense! I believe the Universe recognizes our needs and resourcefully brings solutions either through stumbling blocks or gifts thrown at our way, both of which occur every day, whether we notice or not.

What is the gift you are mostly grateful for?

Please, share in the comments.

Also, taking a moment to subscribe will inspire me to share more on life.  :)


My love and appreciation to you!

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving every day of the year!

 Katina Vaselopulos

Eleven Gone! Twenty more Coming!

Eleven gone! Twenty more to come!

Days in November, that is, as November has been declared the National Novel Writing Month!


Did you ever say “Yes” to something without thinking about it?


Well, I did! To NaNoWriMo! Don’t ask me why. I said a loud “NO” last year and never planned to do it this year. When however my friend and TW Kath Unsworth invited me to participate, I said “YES” without taking into consideration all that goes on in my life right now.


For the last two weeks in October I was angry with myself for making such a decision without thinking about it. I was also scared because I cannot write novels and had no other plan either.


Numb from fear and embarrassed to give up before I began, I was working overtime to persuade myself that I am not a quitter and once I commit to something, I stay with it until I do …or die.


One day, as I was busying myself so as not to work on ideas for the NaNo challenge, I came across a Bottom Line periodical, dated back in February. It was open to page 11 where an article by Denis Ledoux was posted:


“How to Write Your Memoirs So that Everyone Will Want to Read Them.”


That did it! The title of the post was the spark that ignited a fire in my heart and made my mind spin backwards. My life’s images kept coming at me, asking me to collect and share them. At that moment, I realized that the reason I had said “yes” to NaNo was because my soul knew I had a story to tell, even if only to my children and grandchildren.  I knew that I was the one to write that story.


Years back I had jutted down some notes about my life. Never did anything with them. I could use them now to begin my challenge.


First of November came and I began at the beginning; no plan, no outline. I just kept typing everything that came to mind without discrimination.


These eleven days of writing have been some experience!


Not only forgotten details come forth pouring onto the computer screen, but I also have access to my mother’s memories, many of which stored deep inside, spring out as we get deeper into the past.


Writing each day, I saw a pattern emerge that helped me understand more about my perspective on life.


I remembered details which reinforced my belief that I became who I am because of the way my parents and grandparents taught me  lessons through specific examples and attitudes on handling life.


Reminded of old victories, I recognize that they were essential in helping me deal with my life’s tribulations and hardships and responsible for making me stronger and better at handling crises.


Looking back into failures, I understand why they happened and what I learned from them.


All these reasons give me the incentive to keep coming daily to my NaNo date. Before the week was over, I knew that I could not stop searching back to memories for meaning of what has taken place, yet, never loosing time to place them into the right sequence.  Remembering a jewel of a memory or a scene that is important to me, I put it down knowing that later they’ll find their right place.


 At the end of November, I will have a first draft of what will be, in the future, my legacy and contribution to the next generations of my family; not only connecting them to their ancestors but also sharing with them lessons which could be teaching tools for them to apply to their own lives.


OH, those synchronicities and how meant things fall into place!


For those who would like to leave their legacy to their children and grandchildren, Denis Ledoux offers a few great pointers on how to plan memoirs. Finding them helpful, I include them below:

  • Instead of writing every detail  of your life that comes to mind, “Choose only stories about a single aspect of your life…particularly if it holds important lessons.”
  • “You may share humorous anecdotes from your life.”

When you commit your memories to writing:

  • “Show, don’t tell.”
  • “Be honest.”
  • “Set a specific time to write each day.”
  • “After you’ve written a story, go back and shorten it by 10% to 20%.”
  • “Write an introduction after you have written all your stories.”

If you are interested at learning more about writing your memoirs, among other sites that must exist, you may want to visit Denis Ledoux at: www.TurningMemories.com


Are you writing or have you written you memoirs already?

Love to read anything you want to share with me and others on this topic.


Thank you for coming over!

Wishing you God’s blessings in all you do!




Email address:  katiakantzia@msn.com

Growing in Sharing!


Welcome to my blog!

My apologies for deserting it for so long!

As we get deeper into fall, nostalgia settles in for those long, bright,  hot summer days. I miss them. I look back to them and draw energy and light to help me deal with the pain in my heart.

My husband, my mother, and I left rather suddenly last July for Greece. We spent two months with our girls and their families, both in Athens and my hometown, Dimitsana, in Arcadia.



A difficult summer from many aspects! Bad economy…my daughter’s marriage that is no longer marriage, and …computer problems. For months now, nothing has been right. Life has been demanding our full attention; not just pulling our strings a bit but hitting us rather hard with thunderbolts, creating a heart -breaking turmoil for our whole family.   

I am not good sharing my pain and I took the easy way out. I “hid.” Thank God, FB stopped recognizing me. Thank God, my computer would conveniently die when I needed to be alone and  revive when I desperately needed a friend.
I could share with a handful of people, strangers or friends. I could not spend hours talking to TWs and other online friends, bringing them down with my troubles. Besides, I needed to be with my family and heal all of us.


Cannot help it! I am my parents’ child. I learned from them to believe that 

“My pain is mine, and my joy is to be shared.”

My siblings and I never heard them complain about their troubles; never did they burdened us with them. They did however pass the message to us that,

“difficulties are dealt better with patience, faith,
and trust.”


As I said, these past months have been going from crises to crises. We often thought we reached our rope’s end. As soon as we learned to deal with one thing, we found ourselves hanging from a cliff with no net beneath to catch us if we fell. Always, something more challenging demanded our attention. I guess that’s how Life goes: 

 “Teaching us lessons all the way to the end.”

 Even though not out of the woods yet, I am no longer hiding behind a wall. Seems just about all posts I read lately were about “Breaking walls.”  So I am here, out of my hiding place,  sharing…

 “Share with us your summer,”

wrote Christa Sterken in one FB thread.

I am sharing and it feels good!

Very cathartic! To use a Greek word!

Here is what else happened:


An eye infection kept me out of sorts and with only one eye for 3 days. This was not easy but  helped me realize that


I am blessed with two eyes, even if I need glasses to aid my vision.

For one full week, four generations were living under our roof! Fourteen people: My 93 year old mother, my husband and I, our two girls who live in Greece, our son’s wife, Lee, from Chicago, and her mother, our seven grandchildren!


Our summer’s highlight! A blessing and a joy, even though toward the end, high fevers, headaches, and cat allergies, affected some of the children.
Still, we were OK! Ecstatic that children and grandchildren rekindled family relationships!


The children from Chicago loved Dimitsana and  Spyros’   hometown. They spend  there a whole day, swimming in the pool, visiting with family and roaming around the village.

Our 13 year old grandson, from Chicago was invited to play with the local basketball team in a 3-game tournament, with players 18-25 years-old. Even though their team did not win, our Spyros played better than many of the other players and was cheered not just by the spectators but also by the players themselves.

Grandmotherly pride? You bet!

My daughter Maria’s pizza restaurant is beautiful!  Fits perfectly with the traditional architecture and style of the town. The food is truly great!

 We enjoyed her pizzas, soufflés, appetizers, and the spiced wine she makes herself.

 We also had a pick nick up in the mountains of Mainalon.  The roasted baby lamb with potatoes and the other delicacies we had prepared were mouth-watering. More so  under the shade of spruce and walnut trees and by a fresh water spring!
I missed though not been often enough in touch with my friends…Laura, Lotta, Anne, Kathleen, Kath, Joy, Shelley, Joan, Chris, Dane, Jon, Eric, Arlene, Anastacia, Lori, Christa, Maria, Bonny, and many others… Their soothing “voices” and loving words always ground me to my wise and patient self. I always feel better “talking” to them. I learned to count on their prayers and be grateful for them as I felt blessings coming back to me.


Even though tribulations shook us hard enough at times, we were doing a good job handling everything and supporting each other with grace. Our extended families often commented on how patiently and wisely we were handling Life and its difficulties.


 Through everything, I was, and still am, grateful for God’s blessings. Every time we were about to fall into despair, God never left us alone. Each and every time, an angel came to our aid. It’ s amazing how it never failed.


Truly, our miracles are many and much more vital and meaningful than our difficulties.


I suppose, more lessons are still needed on patience and acceptance, support and trust that things are as they should be, that when the time comes it will be better.

Through all this, and specifically in Greece, I made a point to look for blessings almost every moment…to feel and sent out love, to take advantage of wisdom and beauty, no matter where I find them. This has kept me going.

Short walks or rides in Arcadia during the summer, gave me a chance to get in touch with my self and nature and took my mind out of the troubles. I marveled at, and identified with, the beautiful mountains; at one point feeling bare yet strong as them, other times, green and sculpted by the hardships of Life.


No two mountain tops are similar, neither in shape or color, not in all Arcadia. Yet they are similar that they all bask in the sun and stand tall and unmovable against the winds, the torrents, and the snow.

I carry a mountain within and they carry me. They inspire and encourage me!

 When I felt low, sometimes reaching bottom, then I, somehow, found myself near a mountain valley. What a blessing that was as it reminded me that

 laying low leaves one open and receptive to nutrients… gifts that come to one who patiently and peacefully awaits for grace to trickle down from the highest points.

And people…instead of losing faith in them, giving them acceptance, a smile, a small gift, a kind word, they are ready to share even the little they have. Neighbors and people  showered us with the most sugary tomatoes, tender cucumbers and zucchini, young zucchini hearts and leaves, beautiful flowers and the most delicious figs, all from their gardens.

If I was still feeling tired and low by the end of the day, the spectacular sunsets enlightened my soul like nothing else, except, that is, my grandchildren who could be sweeter than honey…most of the time.

My sweetest Friends, old and new TRs, I am OK! Knowing I am blessed with great friends and the chance to get closer to many more is comforting and encouraging. A great responsibility, as well! Even if I am not present all the time, I appreciate and respect all of you, no matter where you are, no matter where your journey takes you.

I am better with one to one relationships. The Tribe is challenging, but I will do my best, especially when NaNoWriMo is over, to be more involved. Yes! I signed for it, with my own real name, as if I did not have enough to do. But,


“Challenges bring grown,”


and even though I walk my 68th year, I vow to keep growing.


Feel free to get personal with me, any time you want. I would love to know you better.  I am not good with technical stuff, but ask and if I can help, I will.

 My e-mail is katiakantzia@msn.com

Wishing you all a wonderful fall and all of God’s blessings!




Share in the comments how you deal with Life’s difficulties.





Protected: How do you Handle your Challenges?

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How Do You Deal with Challenges?

Just when I think I have everything under control and living runs smoothly, Life taps me at the shoulder and demands my attention.

She hands me two choices: either I turn around and face her head on, or she walks all over me and I lose the game.

Life leaves us alone to LIVE and ENJOY its blessings; but she won’t let us get too comfortable; not in our joy, not in our pain.

Taking her lead and facing up the challenge she puts on our path is the only way to go!

Everything runs in cycles: ascending has its adventures; reaching the top, is glorious, but no one can stay there forever. Coming back down to the base is an experience in itself. Sooner or later, we are faced with another mountain to climb.

Every new challenge is more demanding than the earlier ones; a new lesson to learn, a new skill to master, a heavier cross to carry.

Today, the 3rd Sunday of the Orthodox Great Lent, we celebrated the Veneration of the Cross.

In today’s Gospel (Mark 8:34-9:1) Jesus asks us to “…take up [our] cross and follow [Him].” Thank God, this cross is never heavier than we can carry. God did not promise us a life without problems but He promised to be there for us, if we follow Jesus’ lead.

Trust and faith that there is a reason and a time for everything, that nothing stays the same forever, keeps me sane as I go through the ups and downs between joy and pain.

I had to take a difficult exam. With God’s help, I believe I passed it. I know I am not done…Harder ones are coming up.

I am too old to run around in circles. I can only manage one thing at a time. Nonetheless, no one asks me what I want. “Somebody” knows better than I do. Whether I like it or not, I have to dance to the tune that is played.

I am tired though. This challenge is the longest and hardest in my life. It began two years ago and increasingly became more challenging.

I had to postpone the publishing process of my book and stay out of site for a while. I needed to take care of myself and my family. My book can wait. I trust that all of my friends will understand my on-and-off disappearances. I am grateful to all of you for your prayers, love, and positive thoughts, your support.

This challenge, like all others, is bound to give…sooner or later. Still, I cry a lot and I pray even more.  To be safe, I keep affirming:

“I am a good student; stronger and more patient than ever! A worthy opponent, I am! At the end, goodness is the winner!”

This morning when I opened the window and the crisp fresh air refreshed my face, a verse came to my lips. I scribbled it on a piece of paper, the first one in a while coming out of the desert. Here it is:

 My heart had stopped

Somewhere between

The winter chill and the joy of spring.   


Paralyzed in a barren standstill,

Both cold and numb, 

I look for signs of spring.

I pray for warmth,

Wisdom and hope.

A dainty little crocus comes to site,

Opening its heart both to cold and to light!

Looking for spring signs in the garden, I felt Spring  blossoming in my heart!


 As I notice nature slowly unfolding, I recall my own resourcefulness which fuels every step of my own journey.

I realize standstills are not rots but rather waiting periods during which I need to pray and take care of me and those who count on me.

Standstills are times during which I need to surrender my problems to Jesus and the Universe.


It only takes a good look to realize there is nothing ordinary in Nature! Nothing mundane in Life!

I am blessed to be part of both…to carry them in me!

My dear friends, how do you deal with challenges? I will be grateful for the wisdom you’ll share.

Blessing and Light!

Katina Vaselopulos

Email: katiakantzia@msn.com

Why I Wrote and how my Manuscript Made it to the Publishers

Welcome to my blog!

Long hours or writing and revising, as well as a deep commitment and great support from friends and fellow Tribe Writers made me confident enough to submit my manuscript to the publishers. Hopefully, soon I will share with you and the world. Fear tried to scare me quite often. Just as often I ignored it and won!

Today, I want to share with you the reasons why I wrote and how my manuscript made it to the publishers.

“Sailing to Ithaca” began as journal writing to heal my life after an emergency hip revision left me on a wheelchair for two months. At some point, my writing changed. I was writing with my grandchildren in mind. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings, memories and challenges, aspirations and inspirations, views on life; to help them find beauty and peace, sacredness in nature and people, riches in simplicity and contentment.

Later, I was writing for intimate and even imaginable friends, who would also journey the same path with me.

Journaling helped me not only heal but also see myself as a student and a writer of life.

  • I cherished a relationship with my non-physical guides who inspired my heart and guided my hand.
  • Listened to my heart, I became familiar with both my body and my soul. The healer in me prompted me through words to pay attention to what needed healing.
  • Writing cleared mind’s confusing thoughts, vent anger or frustration, helped me feel feelings, and let loose the creative juices.
  • Scribbled words pointed to untamed “weeds,” giving me the opportunity to uproot or keep in check, healing both body and soul.
  • I wrote to share my experiences and the way I see the world; to call attention to something which caught mine.
  • I wrote to remember my story, in case a wicked wind blew away my memories.
  • I wrote to inspire, empower, and challenge others to live a rich life, both physical and spiritual.
  • Finally, I admit, I wrote because this ego of mine, as much as I have it in control, yearns to leave something behind, before it’s gone.

Does your heart ever inspire you to share your story?

Does your mind tell you you’re silly for thinking you have something important to say, giving you every possible reason not to do it?

Mine did!

The more my words wanted to be voiced, the more negativity was taking hold of me.

Jeff Goins and the Tribe, in addition to few others, made me believe that I had a “story the world needed to hear.” Their  encouragement and cofidence in me and my writing canceled my negative thoughts and made a difference both in my thinking and writing.

It all began a year ago, when I followed Jeff’s blog and later in the fall when I first signed up for his online course, “Tribe Writes,.” This move transformed my writing.

My soon to be published book is the result of this valuable course.

I am trying to tell you that you own it to yourself to make every effort to help the little sprouting seed inside you unfurl.

If you love an idea, no matter how overwhelming (or how silly your mind thinks it is) you have to give it a chance.

Your story is worth sharing!

Stop listening to the voice of “reason,” trying to block your creativity. It’s Fear trying to protect you. You don’t need protection!

The universe, which wrote your story, wants you to share it. You don’t want to leave this world with your song unsung. You don’t want your dream buried deep inside.

Such dreams are Love gifts from the Universe. Inspiration is Love’s shadow. When the sun is out, Love and Inspiration walk together. When the night comes, Inspiration is nowhere to be found. You have to bring Love out in the light.

Anything in the light becomes light, enlightening and inspiring other as well. Everything done in the light can never go wrong! http://clicktotweet.com/

Don’t hesitate!

The Tribe Writers online course Jeff Goins designed will teach you how to discover your voice, find the audience your words deserve, build a platform extending the range of your network, and get your words published.

I am encouraging you to sign up now and make a difference in your life and in other people’s lives. I will join you as well, because I  still have so much to learn.

You can look forward to creating an online writing life and to producing quality writing.

Registration will be open until March 20th but act now. (Sorry for my tardiness!) You don’t want to miss the opportunity. It’s a money back guarantee offe!  You get great gifts, when you sign up.

  • An amazing online course with a committed teacher
  • Access to a large online group of great peers on whom you can count for support and expertise
  • 30 multimedia lessons,
  • 12 expert interviews
  • 8 weekly emails
  • Over $160 in free resources

Go ahead! Click the link to find out more about this curse. Transform your writing life!


(I have a TribeWriters affiliate link at my sidebar. I get a little something back every time someone signs up from my page. I would appreciate you signing from here.)


I hope our writing paths converge on online!

Thank you everyone for coming over! Sign up for updates and free gifts will follow!

Thank you Jeff Goins and Tribe Writers for everything!

Blessings and Light to all!

Katina Vaselopulos

Cultivating the Habit of Encouragement


I woke up at 5:30 this morning and came downstairs to work on my laptop. I like getting up before my mom and my husband wake up. As I am facing east, I notice Dawn beginning to break through, gradually displacing the darkness. The horizon begins to lighten up with pale rosy hues, but then, continually changes as the sun begins to rise and  the cloud formations gloriously glow, charged with color.

The scene beyond the rooftops and naked trees of my neighborhood reminds me of a mystical painting of English Romanticism, emotionally charged and poetic. The sun soon grows into a blazing red ball that sets fire to my heart and attests to a perfect day.

Sunrises make me feel great. Pain and fear dissolve, leaving space and promises for love and joyfulness. As the sun rises higher, visions of a better world rise: a world of light and warmth, of transparency and equality, a world of convergence and harmony, rather than separation and discord.

If only we realized that it is in our power to create a better world!


My friend and fellow Tribe writer, James Prescott, envisions a better world:


“You can transform the world through encouragement” 

 “(Encouragement) Is the secret that has the potential to change the word.”


Oops! Instead of “world,” I type “WORD.” Word? I know I am not the best typist, but is this a coincidence?

Before my mind goes into thinking mode, Words come on the screen:


Words we utter… Words we keep inside

Words we write…Words we never bring to light

Words becoming light to help others see

Didn’t God voice Words and chaos turned into ligh, land and sea?


Coincidence in the true meaning!!!!


Words are mighty powerful.

They can softly touch or deeply cut into the heart and drain life.

Sometimes we set them flying like doves, bringing peace, encouragement, and hope.

Other times, we set to flight predatory vultures that steel dignity, confidence, and self-esteem.


I have been blessed with positive, inspiring, and encouraging words throughout my life, first from my family and later from others who came into my life.

Katherine, our twin boys God mother, took me under her wing when I first came to Chicago. A gentle, caring, and wise person, she helped me see that I am a source of miracles and possibilities. She encouraged and guided me to go back to school at a time when it was out of the question. Her praise, respect, appreciation, encouragement, and guidance empowered me for the rest of my life.

Julia Cameron, with her books, The Right to Write and The Writing Diet, initiated me into journaling. She encouraged me to write for the pure joy of writing and self-discovery. Her writing tools, suggestions, and exercises guided and inspired my own writing.

Most importantly, she helped me believe that my heart, God and guides would prompt my hand to write what I needed to write. She convinced me that writing from the heart, as honestly as I could, I should begin writing. And I did; for me and my family.

And then, Jeff Goins came into my life. He took me by storm and shook me like no other.

He dared and challenged me to share my story. He gave me the tools to take my first words to another lever. He made me accountable and promised to be there.

Jeff has a gift for making a difference in people’s lives. 

With his online writing course, “Tribe Writers” Jeff shares the skill of writing. Moreover, he created a community to belong to and support each other, sharing, helping and encouraging.

Not enough room here to name all the Tribers who encouraged, supported, and taught me to see writing as a craft that can be learned and improved. I am honored and blessed to belong to this group.

“You are a writer when you say you are one,”

said Jeff Goins and I believed him. Now, I am one step away from submitting my Sailing to Ithaca.

Pushing nagging thoughts out of my mind, I venture into unknown territories, so as to share my story with the world. While it may be scary it’s thrilling, as solutions unfold.

I want to encourage all of you who read this post, just as I encourage my book readers:

Journal, Write, Create to discovere the world within, to connect and inspire others!

Those of you who already are accomplished writers, I am inviting  to continue encouraging and empowering through your words,

just like James did with his wonderful e-book 5 Steps to Encouragement.

“We must rediscover the art of encouragement” he reminds us.

“Encouragement is never for our own behalf…We encourage to serve others.”


Some may argue they haven’t mastered the language well enough (Guess whose excuse was that.) You do not have to write a 500 page literary masterpiece; write your story to discover yourself and the world and to share with your family. Paint your views and experiences with naiveté, as Henri Rousseau did with his art, as Pamela Hodges does on her blog.

Don’t’ say you are not creative, either. Just lay bare your soul on the page and share moments or events of your life. Creativity is not creating something out of nothing but rather adding one’s own touch to something already existing.

If you happen to think that you don’t have anything important to share, remind yourself that every moment of life is momentous; that always someone will want to read your story. I am not asking you to write a whole book at once; just page by page, even a line, one day at a time, advancing as you go.

Listen to James:

You are an amazing work of art. You were designed and created by the divine to fulfill a unique role in the world.

You have gifts, experiences and talents to share with the rest of us.”

The breath of the Great Spirit breathes through you and the Creator through you creates.

Being passionate about writing, creating or anything else you like doing will empower you enough to find solutions.

The Universe will gift you with confidence.

The world needs you to lend a hand; to rescue the white dove from its cage and again set free, to fly and sing.

We need you to nurture us with love and enthusiasm, with art and beauty; to enlighten us with your wisdom.

We need your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your song to dance to.

Will you take this last challenge and sing your song?

Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to any one. Listen to your heart; the only one knowing what your gift of Grace is.

What is the charisma God bestowed on you? Whatever it is, unleash it and share it with us all.

Encourage and inspire a better world. This is the purpose in Life!






Encouragement seems to come easily to James Prescott. Maybe because he is thriving on some aspects of his life such as writing due to encouragement he received when young and suffered in others because of the lack of it. His writing is natural and authentic and his words are inspiring and convincing.

He is so passionate about encouragement that he offers his short and powerful, 5 simple steps to change the world e-book free. Sign up for it and then let’s take the staff from him and pass it along to others.  http://www.jamesprescott.co.uk/blog/free-gifts

Let’s encourage love and peace by removing the ego and putting the higher self on the driver’s seat.

Then we’ll bring about many loving deeds. Not only will their benefits return to us manifold but they will also spread within networks to people and places we cannot even imagine.

Let’s keep smiling. Smiles are contagious. And so is love, joy, trust, caring, laughter, and generosity, integrity, rising above pettiness, respect, and compassion. Including them in our list and implementing one or more each day, we’ll notice the changes in our life and those around us and bring lasting changes to the world.


What does  your heart need to create?

Share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for stopping by,

Stay a while,

Blessings and light,

Katina Vaselopulos 





                                                                                       My love

                                                                             A spring









                                                    Runs dry.


                                                 It flows

                                         From Heart

                             To heart,


                                      And refills,






Cultivating love is imperative, not only for our own spiritual growth but for that of the world.

I visualize and affirm that my heart, constantly replenished by God, is always bursting with love, which I continually allow to overflow to others.

Let’s make an effort to get love flowing. If hidden too deeply, let’s find ways to liberate it.

Right after waking up, let’s be thankful for the new day and all the possibilities and sacredness it brings.

Let’s drive away any angry and judgmental thoughts about anything or anyone. Let’s send love flowing not only to God or to those we love and with which we will intermingle but also to everyone and everything in the world.

Let’s go further than family and friends to strangers and even enemies. Let’s love for love’s sake, not because we expect something in return.

Let’s notice love, passion, devotion, and affection all around. The more we focus on such virtues, the more we’ll see of them in us and others. On the other hand, the less we’ll see of aversion by ignoring it.

Will you choose someone in your life, not necessarily a lover, and go all the way out to express your love for this person? What would you write?


The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote:

 “The Universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human by nature

 endeared to each other.”

Being concerned about others is a cosmic responsibility we all share.


Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Katina Vaselopulos