10 Reasons why I Write

Written words have been used for thousands of years to communicate thoughts and ideas. I always loved, both reading and writing.

After quite a few years of not bringing the pen on the page, I began writing to heal my life and my body, to love and accept the unlovable. Journaling helped me not only heal but also see myself as a student of life, a writer, and an author. These are my reasons for journaling and writing:

  1. Journaling is my own time to get in touch with my soul and the universe.
  2. Every time my pen comes to page, my non-physical guides are right there with me, whispering in my heart and guiding my hand. I learned to cherish this relationship and depend on their inspirations.
  3. As words from the depths of my heart pour on the page, I become acquainted with my body as well as my soul. The healer in me prompts me through my words to pay attention to parts of my body in need of care, long before the manifestation of the symptoms appear. Not only promptings but solutions show up on the page.
  4. Writing is the way to clear the bewildering thoughts of my mind, vent anger or frustration, access parts of my deeper self, feel feelings I ignore, and allow the creative juices to flow.
  5. Issues needing my attention are persistently pouring on the page, asking me to find ways to deal with them. Scribbled words pointing to untamed weeds give me the opportunity to pull them out or keep them in check, healing both my body and freeing my soul.
  6. I write to gain deeper understanding of my experiences, feelings, dreams, imagination, hopes and vision. To share my experiences and the way I see the world; to call attention to something that caught mine.
  7. I write to celebrate triumphs; to look to failures, loses, and disappointments for feedback.
  8. I write to remember my story. Who knows when the wicked winds might blow away my memories? (For years I wanted to create our family tree, but never made the time. Now, my mother is too old and memory loss has taken a toll on her.)
  9. I write to inspire, empower, and urge readers to live a rich life, both physical and spiritual. I found out that empowering others returns back to me manifold, not only rewarding but fortifying me against ills.
  10. Finally, I have to admit, I am writing because this ego of mine yearns to leave something of me behind, before it’s gone.

This post was inspired by Bryan Hutchinson, author and blogger at positivewriter.com and Jeff Goins’ post Why I Write, at goinswriter.com/why-i-write/

Now, you know why I write.

Your turn to share in the comments why you write!

If you don’t already, there are plenty of reasons to begin!



About the Author

Katina Vaselopulos

Originally from Greece, Katina Vaselopulos and her husband, have made their home in Chicago for the past 47 years. Their four children and nine grandchildren offer countless adventures. Katina also enjoys cooking and baking, teaching and learning, reading and writing. Her soon-to-be-published book, Sailing Toward Ithaca, takes the reader on a journey through one year of her life. She invites the readers along, to sail through life’s journey open to all possibilities and to nurture relationships with self, others, and God by striving for self-knowledge and inner growth. Other projects include What Is Cooking in Niles, a cookbook of Greek cuisine, and a thesis, “Dostoyevsky’s Major Novels: Polemics against Liberal Thought,” for which she received high honors at Northeastern University of Illinois.


  1. All of your reasons are beautiful, Katrina. But I relate most closely with #6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love meeting new writers via link-ups and inspirational posts like the ones Bryan and Jeff wrote this week.

    • Thank you Jenn for reading and sharing your kind and encouraging thoughts!

      Glad #6 is the one you relate most to, as it is the reason I write most often.
      It’s wonderful, indeed, to be in this Tribe and get to know so many others with same interests and preoccupations, yet so unlike in the way we deal with life!

      Not sure if I subscribed to your blog. I would love to get your posts in my inbox.

      All the best to you, both in handling life’s challenges as well as your writing endeavors!

  2. Laura Mc Coy

    Beautiful words

  3. What a wonderful post – I can relate to all of them, in particular number 4. I will definitely be following your blog from now on and can’t wait to read your novel!

    • Ekaterina mou, Thank you for coming over! I am glad you enjoyed the post. Coming from a great writer like you, this is a compliment.

      Very happy our paths converged to a wonderful writing journey, one that leads to growth and uderstanding, connections and sharing.

      Looking forward to seeing you again, both in your place and mine!

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring post Katina! I’m so glad you are sharing your words! They are shining lights for us to see. ❤️

    • Thank you Lotta for coming over! Always nice to see you and be encouraged by you.
      This is an old post, but keeps coming up. Not sure why the newer ones do not show first.
      Blessings and Light, always!

  5. I have read the answer of many authors on this famous question but Katina mou, this is by far the most inspiring, the most astounding one of them all. You have a way with words… I am amazed by your account. They say that writing is therapy and I can vouch for this myself but the idea that writing on a journal helps you identify ailing parts of your physical body is quite new to me and I feel it’s well worth exploring. I do become aware of this sort of thing through my practice of meditation and yoga… I guess it works differently from person to person. Anyway, it is an honour to be able to call you a friend. You are a truly talented author honey… I’ve signed up for your future posts so look forward to reading more and then some more….and get to know you better. God bless! Kisses xxx :)

    • Thank you, Effrosyni mou, so much for everything! Your beautiful and encouraging words warm my heart and inspire my spirit! I am so glad my writing resonates with you, as I too feel the same about yours. It’s a blessing to have met you and bond with you. A coincidence in the truest meaning of the world! Looking forward to our journey together, learning from each other and Life itself! Hopefully the Goddess of Wisdom that inspired Odysseus will guide us into perfect for our growth harbors and see us to our Ithaca. Blessings and Light! Hugs and kisses :)

  6. Katina, for me it’s your number four: “access parts of my deeper self, feel feelings I ignore, and allow the creative juices to flow.” – Writing is uplifting and healing at the same time. I wish I’d realized that sooner. Thank you for the beautiful post.

    Regards from Greece!
    Maria (MM Jaye)

    • Maria mou, what a pleasure having you again in my place! You are so young and yet so capable amd wise! You bless me with your friendship and inspire me with your passion!
      Writing and publishing is so easy now days. Everyone has the chance to explore and understand life and self through writing. I see you with many wonderful books under your name, long before you reach my age. There is a perfect time for each one of us to mature to a great idea or to to higher spiritual self. To a great novelist or artist or anything God and our soul has planned for us to grow into.

      What a blessing it is to connect with people from all over the world, impossible even few years back!

      May our beloved Greece see better days! May it nurture its childen to enlighten the world once more!

  7. Hi Katina,
    This is a very interesting post indeed! I identify with No 8, to “tell my story”. I do think that humans are wired into storytelling and it is part of our emotional and cultural development from cave dwellers drawing pictures on their cave walls. You are right that memories fade and there are few ways for each of us to flag up our existence (apart from having children); few ways for us to say: ‘This was my life, this was my experience.’ A story, a book, can do that to a small degree.

    • Dear Marjory,

      I apologize for not responding earlier to your comment. Somehow, I missed the notification in my inbox.

      Thank you for coming over and for your wonderful and insightful words!
      Journaling was one amazing experience. When it came to publishing however, I resisted for the longest time, both because of insecurity as well as for not wanting to be laughted at because of my views and stories. In both cases, it was my ego speaking. When I listened to my heart, I was open and excited to share my journey with the world, even if my book touched a handful of people.

      You are ablsolutely right about man being “wired into storytelling,” beginning with our cave anscestors. The fact that millions of books self-publish lately does show this innate need to share our story.

      I am thrilled that our casual friendship on Twitter was recandled during #TheGreekDinner Party, giving us the opportunity to link in other media. Looking forward to connecting more through stories that will share . Your book is in my list to buy together with a few others, as soon as my list is done.

      Wishing you all the best!

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