Lord as Provider, Faith for Finances


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Proud to share with you a guest post by my daughter Kathy. Her life in Greece has been full of challenges. The last years, however, have been extremely hard, as she had to bear the entire responsibility of running her household on limited founds, time and again feeling hopeless. Her diplomas in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching were powerless in providing for her family.

God’s angels came from everywhere and pulled her up when she was drowning. They handed her a piece of thrift wood and showed her the way to the shore!  

Oh, she is grateful! And so am I!


Image by Katina Vaselopulos

Through it all she has grown to a strong, wise, and spirited woman, who by God’s grace is able to see the bigger picture behind her struggles. Her hardships not only did not defeat her but opened her eyes to “see” and trust God and the goodness in people. Furthermore, she realized her own strength not to give up when things got difficult and, more than anything, not to be bitter and angry but rather find faith, compassion, and forgiveness in her heart.

Here is what she shares:

Lord as Provider, Faith for Finances

While we celebrate significant events on specifically set holidays, we often fail to realize that each day is a celebration in and of itself. Thanksgiving, is a case in point. Why be thankful for all our blessings JUST that one day?

Counting them daily, we grow to accept difficulties as opportunities to cultivate patience, trust, compassion, and humility and learn to trust that reasons beyond our understanding are at work.

Yesterday, I committed to sharing my story. When I woke up this morning and my alarm went off, the melodies of Christmas music playing for the first time this season reminded me of the beautiful holiday and the miraculous birth of Jesus our Lord and filled my heart with peace. As I am still listening right now, I feel grateful for the many miracles that keep me going through all the adversities of my life. A coincidence, you say?

We know there are no coincidences. Just incidents that fit together to reinforce God’s presence everywhere. Just as long as we are open and willing to listen, see, feel, and accept these wonders, in whatever form they come!

 God has always been a part of my life, more like a distant cousin though, you don’t see very often or truly know. How can one have a relationship with someone if only meeting each other around holidays?  I realize that for years, I was short of the most basic ingredient in life ….FAITH. I remember asking myself: How do you get faith? Where do you go? What does it look like? My thirst however, for knowing and living through this so called “faith” in God, was only quenched during the most difficult and trying period of my life.

Throughout the past two years, this distant “cousin” has become more like a member of the family; a dear friend, if I might say, who pays us frequent visits, since  I have been calling upon Him daily, inviting Him into my life, celebrating and giving thanks every moment.  The Lord has carried me when I was too tired and could no longer walk. He has provided for my family and me financial aid that was so desperately needed. 

Just when I had no more money to pay my bills, often not even enough for the next meal, and didn’t know where to turn or what to do, the Lord as Provider came through. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly over this difficult period!

 I have finally come to acquire faith in our Lord and trust that He will always be there for me. And it’s not only about the financial relief. I believe this was His way of getting my attention, because that’s where I felt the hurt more.

For me it has been faith in the whole process of life, the universe… Trusting in what is and having blind faith that God has already taken care of everything.

My heart is filled with gratitude as I give thanks every day for all the blessings in my life, for the “safety net” of family, friends, and strangers that God has laid out for me, in my leap of blind faith. 


 God Bless!!

 Kathy Vaselopulos, Athens, Greece    


We have been in the eye of the storm for so long. Yet, with God’s Grace, we haven’t been wrecked by it. We haven’t lost hope and rely on Him and His great plan, handling everything with patience and dignify, trusting Him to bring solutions to hopeless situations.

I am grateful that I can count on my husband Spyros to take care of our family. I am appreciative to my friends for their comforting words and prayers. I am deeply indebted to all who have supported my Kathy with love and prayers, but mainly with generous financial backing.

My gratitude to God is immense! I believe the Universe recognizes our needs and resourcefully brings solutions either through stumbling blocks or gifts thrown at our way, both of which occur every day, whether we notice or not.

What is the gift you are mostly grateful for?

Please, share in the comments.

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My love and appreciation to you!

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving every day of the year!

 Katina Vaselopulos

About the Author

Katina Vaselopulos

Originally from Greece, Katina Vaselopulos and her husband, have made their home in Chicago for the past 47 years. Their four children and nine grandchildren offer countless adventures. Katina also enjoys cooking and baking, teaching and learning, reading and writing. Her soon-to-be-published book, Sailing Toward Ithaca, takes the reader on a journey through one year of her life. She invites the readers along, to sail through life’s journey open to all possibilities and to nurture relationships with self, others, and God by striving for self-knowledge and inner growth. Other projects include What Is Cooking in Niles, a cookbook of Greek cuisine, and a thesis, “Dostoyevsky’s Major Novels: Polemics against Liberal Thought,” for which she received high honors at Northeastern University of Illinois.


  1. What a beautiful post Katina, and Kathy…I am so glad to hear of your outlook. You both inspire me today

  2. Thank you Christa for coming over! Thank you for you kind words!
    Life is never easy but sometimes its gets extremely hard. Yet, never more than we can handle. As long as we grow stronger and wiser, that is all it matters.

    Blessings, my friend! You always inspire me as well!

  3. La Mc Coy


  4. Thank you Laura mou!
    Blessings and Light!

  5. It amazes me how beautiful it is to know God so intimately that when super hard stuff happens we still know He has our best in mind. And our best is knowing Jesus and trusting Him with our lives. What a beautiful thing, Kathy. And Katina. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thank you Brianna for coming over and for your beautiful words!

      Other than trying to do the best we can, all of us, you and us and the world, in any given situation, it is His grace that finally mamifests in our lives and keeps us going and growing.

      Blessings and Light, always!

  6. Most of all, I’m thankful for God’s gift to me – His Son. After that, I’m so thankful for my family. I am blessed!

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