My love

                                                                             A spring









                                                    Runs dry.


                                                 It flows

                                         From Heart

                             To heart,


                                      And refills,






Cultivating love is imperative, not only for our own spiritual growth but for that of the world.

I visualize and affirm that my heart, constantly replenished by God, is always bursting with love, which I continually allow to overflow to others.

Let’s make an effort to get love flowing. If hidden too deeply, let’s find ways to liberate it.

Right after waking up, let’s be thankful for the new day and all the possibilities and sacredness it brings.

Let’s drive away any angry and judgmental thoughts about anything or anyone. Let’s send love flowing not only to God or to those we love and with which we will intermingle but also to everyone and everything in the world.

Let’s go further than family and friends to strangers and even enemies. Let’s love for love’s sake, not because we expect something in return.

Let’s notice love, passion, devotion, and affection all around. The more we focus on such virtues, the more we’ll see of them in us and others. On the other hand, the less we’ll see of aversion by ignoring it.

Will you choose someone in your life, not necessarily a lover, and go all the way out to express your love for this person? What would you write?


The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote:

 “The Universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human by nature

 endeared to each other.”

Being concerned about others is a cosmic responsibility we all share.


Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Katina Vaselopulos



About the Author

Katina Vaselopulos

Originally from Greece, Katina Vaselopulos and her husband, have made their home in Chicago for the past 47 years. Their four children and nine grandchildren offer countless adventures. Katina also enjoys cooking and baking, teaching and learning, reading and writing. Her soon-to-be-published book, Sailing Toward Ithaca, takes the reader on a journey through one year of her life. She invites the readers along, to sail through life’s journey open to all possibilities and to nurture relationships with self, others, and God by striving for self-knowledge and inner growth. Other projects include What Is Cooking in Niles, a cookbook of Greek cuisine, and a thesis, “Dostoyevsky’s Major Novels: Polemics against Liberal Thought,” for which she received high honors at Northeastern University of Illinois.


  1. Beautiful poem Katina! Thanks for sharing the love in your heart. God bless you, my friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Thank you Maria for taking the time to visit.

    Love is all there is. From that place grows everything else that is good. You recognize that. Light and blessings!

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