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Cultivating the Habit of Encouragement


I woke up at 5:30 this morning and came downstairs to work on my laptop. I like getting up before my mom and my husband wake up. As I am facing east, I notice Dawn beginning to break through, gradually displacing the darkness. The horizon begins to lighten up with pale rosy hues, but then, continually changes as the sun begins to rise and  the cloud formations gloriously glow, charged with color.

The scene beyond the rooftops and naked trees of my neighborhood reminds me of a mystical painting of English Romanticism, emotionally charged and poetic. The sun soon grows into a blazing red ball that sets fire to my heart and attests to a perfect day.

Sunrises make me feel great. Pain and fear dissolve, leaving space and promises for love and joyfulness. As the sun rises higher, visions of a better world rise: a world of light and warmth, of transparency and equality, a world of convergence and harmony, rather than separation and discord.

If only we realized that it is in our power to create a better world!


My friend and fellow Tribe writer, James Prescott, envisions a better world:


“You can transform the world through encouragement” 

 “(Encouragement) Is the secret that has the potential to change the word.”


Oops! Instead of “world,” I type “WORD.” Word? I know I am not the best typist, but is this a coincidence?

Before my mind goes into thinking mode, Words come on the screen:


Words we utter… Words we keep inside

Words we write…Words we never bring to light

Words becoming light to help others see

Didn’t God voice Words and chaos turned into ligh, land and sea?


Coincidence in the true meaning!!!!


Words are mighty powerful.

They can softly touch or deeply cut into the heart and drain life.

Sometimes we set them flying like doves, bringing peace, encouragement, and hope.

Other times, we set to flight predatory vultures that steel dignity, confidence, and self-esteem.


I have been blessed with positive, inspiring, and encouraging words throughout my life, first from my family and later from others who came into my life.

Katherine, our twin boys God mother, took me under her wing when I first came to Chicago. A gentle, caring, and wise person, she helped me see that I am a source of miracles and possibilities. She encouraged and guided me to go back to school at a time when it was out of the question. Her praise, respect, appreciation, encouragement, and guidance empowered me for the rest of my life.

Julia Cameron, with her books, The Right to Write and The Writing Diet, initiated me into journaling. She encouraged me to write for the pure joy of writing and self-discovery. Her writing tools, suggestions, and exercises guided and inspired my own writing.

Most importantly, she helped me believe that my heart, God and guides would prompt my hand to write what I needed to write. She convinced me that writing from the heart, as honestly as I could, I should begin writing. And I did; for me and my family.

And then, Jeff Goins came into my life. He took me by storm and shook me like no other.

He dared and challenged me to share my story. He gave me the tools to take my first words to another lever. He made me accountable and promised to be there.

Jeff has a gift for making a difference in people’s lives. 

With his online writing course, “Tribe Writers” Jeff shares the skill of writing. Moreover, he created a community to belong to and support each other, sharing, helping and encouraging.

Not enough room here to name all the Tribers who encouraged, supported, and taught me to see writing as a craft that can be learned and improved. I am honored and blessed to belong to this group.

“You are a writer when you say you are one,”

said Jeff Goins and I believed him. Now, I am one step away from submitting my Sailing to Ithaca.

Pushing nagging thoughts out of my mind, I venture into unknown territories, so as to share my story with the world. While it may be scary it’s thrilling, as solutions unfold.

I want to encourage all of you who read this post, just as I encourage my book readers:

Journal, Write, Create to discovere the world within, to connect and inspire others!

Those of you who already are accomplished writers, I am inviting  to continue encouraging and empowering through your words,

just like James did with his wonderful e-book 5 Steps to Encouragement.

“We must rediscover the art of encouragement” he reminds us.

“Encouragement is never for our own behalf…We encourage to serve others.”


Some may argue they haven’t mastered the language well enough (Guess whose excuse was that.) You do not have to write a 500 page literary masterpiece; write your story to discover yourself and the world and to share with your family. Paint your views and experiences with naiveté, as Henri Rousseau did with his art, as Pamela Hodges does on her blog.

Don’t’ say you are not creative, either. Just lay bare your soul on the page and share moments or events of your life. Creativity is not creating something out of nothing but rather adding one’s own touch to something already existing.

If you happen to think that you don’t have anything important to share, remind yourself that every moment of life is momentous; that always someone will want to read your story. I am not asking you to write a whole book at once; just page by page, even a line, one day at a time, advancing as you go.

Listen to James:

You are an amazing work of art. You were designed and created by the divine to fulfill a unique role in the world.

You have gifts, experiences and talents to share with the rest of us.”

The breath of the Great Spirit breathes through you and the Creator through you creates.

Being passionate about writing, creating or anything else you like doing will empower you enough to find solutions.

The Universe will gift you with confidence.

The world needs you to lend a hand; to rescue the white dove from its cage and again set free, to fly and sing.

We need you to nurture us with love and enthusiasm, with art and beauty; to enlighten us with your wisdom.

We need your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your song to dance to.

Will you take this last challenge and sing your song?

Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to any one. Listen to your heart; the only one knowing what your gift of Grace is.

What is the charisma God bestowed on you? Whatever it is, unleash it and share it with us all.

Encourage and inspire a better world. This is the purpose in Life!






Encouragement seems to come easily to James Prescott. Maybe because he is thriving on some aspects of his life such as writing due to encouragement he received when young and suffered in others because of the lack of it. His writing is natural and authentic and his words are inspiring and convincing.

He is so passionate about encouragement that he offers his short and powerful, 5 simple steps to change the world e-book free. Sign up for it and then let’s take the staff from him and pass it along to others.

Let’s encourage love and peace by removing the ego and putting the higher self on the driver’s seat.

Then we’ll bring about many loving deeds. Not only will their benefits return to us manifold but they will also spread within networks to people and places we cannot even imagine.

Let’s keep smiling. Smiles are contagious. And so is love, joy, trust, caring, laughter, and generosity, integrity, rising above pettiness, respect, and compassion. Including them in our list and implementing one or more each day, we’ll notice the changes in our life and those around us and bring lasting changes to the world.


What does  your heart need to create?

Share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for stopping by,

Stay a while,

Blessings and light,

Katina Vaselopulos 





                                                                                       My love

                                                                             A spring









                                                    Runs dry.


                                                 It flows

                                         From Heart

                             To heart,


                                      And refills,






Cultivating love is imperative, not only for our own spiritual growth but for that of the world.

I visualize and affirm that my heart, constantly replenished by God, is always bursting with love, which I continually allow to overflow to others.

Let’s make an effort to get love flowing. If hidden too deeply, let’s find ways to liberate it.

Right after waking up, let’s be thankful for the new day and all the possibilities and sacredness it brings.

Let’s drive away any angry and judgmental thoughts about anything or anyone. Let’s send love flowing not only to God or to those we love and with which we will intermingle but also to everyone and everything in the world.

Let’s go further than family and friends to strangers and even enemies. Let’s love for love’s sake, not because we expect something in return.

Let’s notice love, passion, devotion, and affection all around. The more we focus on such virtues, the more we’ll see of them in us and others. On the other hand, the less we’ll see of aversion by ignoring it.

Will you choose someone in your life, not necessarily a lover, and go all the way out to express your love for this person? What would you write?


The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote:

 “The Universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human by nature

 endeared to each other.”

Being concerned about others is a cosmic responsibility we all share.


Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Katina Vaselopulos