Graffiti: Scribbles from Different Sides of the Street

Bare walls in inner cities sent out invitations to graffiti “artists:”

“Use me to mark your territory!”

“Scribble on my face your thoughts and feelings! Mark your identity!”

“Paint your heart and let your story be seen!”

I first set eyes on graffiti when I came to Chicago many years ago. Back then, I found graffiti disturbing. It scared me. I understood it as rebellious disrespect for other people’s properties.

After a while, I grew more tolerant. At some point, I began to appreciate it. I was fascinated by the artists’ creativity, the colors and styles used.



Alene Snodgrass and her new book, Graffiti: Scribbles from Different Sides of the Street presented me with the opportunity to look at graffiti and see soul stories painted all over it.

It all started with Jeff Goins and the writers’ Tribe he formed. I met Alene there. I took her invitation to participate on her book’s launch team as a pebble thrown on my path, pointing to something I needed to learn.

What an honor and a privilege to work with her and the other team members!

What an amazing experience and education!

What a blessing witnessing new possibilities opening up, as Alene scribbles new visions and stirs the hearts of her readers!

Inspirations for inner growth!

Glances of a better world already in the making, if only we take “baby steps!”

 Graffiti, for such a small book has a big heart that brings hope, inspiration, and empowerment to a world of pain and despair!

Graffiti is wisdom, love, and inspiration that stems from Jesus teachings and God’s calling.

Graffiti challenges and compels the reader to be “different,” to cross boundaries, go beyond and above self to serve others.

 It’s the true story of two souls with one spirit…Two people inspired by the Spirit!


Alene walked out of the comforting world of the suburbs. Boldly and courageously she ventured into the life on the “other side of the street” where she encountered a homeless man, called Rick.

These two people began a journey together, empowering each other and those they came in contact with, either in physical life or through their writing.

The story unfolds through their different perspectives:  

Alene wrote the story of her heart, sharing her experience of fear, avoidance, and challenges before and after she ventured to such an uncomfortable zone. She encourages us:

“Even in the midst of your question, doubt, and struggle, God can still do miracles.”

Along with Alene, Rick scribbles his own down-to-earth stories and poems. He shows us his world through his moving words. His journey unfolds from the state of a perfect married life, to being blamed for a crime he did not commit, rejected by the world, and ending up on the streets.

 Among those streets, Rick found the one that took him back to God.

 The new day dawns only after the darkness of the night!

Even the worst hardships in life are held better with hope and faith!

The Sun of righteousness shines upon us in our darkest hours!

Maria’s Son sheds light on the path leading to God, gifting us with possibilities for inner growth and God’s wisdom!

Alene and Rick are different and unique people. They lived different and unique lives. They share different and unique stories.

Their stories draw the reader in.

Gifted by the Spirit, they encourage us that even “baby steps” “in obedience” will take us as where we need to be.

They appeal to us to “make a difference!”

Be brave. Be courageous. There is an incredible journey ahead for you as you head down a different street!”


“Embrace who you are and be different.”


They both have great intentions, despite their doubts! They don’t stop there! They commit to actions that spring from love for others and a better world!

They allow the Divine Master Artist to sculpt and paint their hearts, drastically changing them.

Together, hand in hand, they take “baby steps” in a “unique journey” changing their own lives and the lives of many others.

Graffiti is the perfect reading for this wonderful holiday of giving. If you haven’t already, Download it here. If you’ve read it, please leave a review on Amazon.

I devoured this book! I cried and smiled! I was envious of them both. They did what I have procrastinated doing:

They walked through the open door right into God’s inner chambers!

I know I am invited as well. I made my way there, by taking “baby steps” serving and taking care of those close to me, family and friends.

For the longest time I have been holding on to the door frame, scarred that if I let go and let God be in charge, I won’t have a life any more.

Both, Alene’s and Rick’s words play non-stop in my mind.

Unless I follow their lead, they won’t let go.

The spirit inside, always checks up on me.  I don’t deal well with guilt.

I know that unless we see the sacredness in those we encounter, we are missing the point that every person walking into our life is there for a reason. People and situations in our life are there to help us grow into the spiritual people we are meant to be.

This Christmas season, I recognize and welcome Alene and Rick into my life as sacred teachers and guides. I am grabbing the challenge they are throwing at me!

I am taking the extra steps out of my comfort zone:

I will go looking to find those whom I need to help!

Alene and Rick are shifting the world into a place of:

Love and compassion!

Giving and serving!

Empowerment for, both, recipients and givers!

I will do my part!

Join me in this new journey any way you can: in small steps or big strides!

Let’s grow up together!

Let’s bring comfort into the suffering and painful world by making a difference in one person’s life at a time!


Are you going to ignore Graffiti or are you going to heal your heart and that of the world?



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About the Author

Katina Vaselopulos

Originally from Greece, Katina Vaselopulos and her husband, have made their home in Chicago for the past 47 years. Their four children and nine grandchildren offer countless adventures. Katina also enjoys cooking and baking, teaching and learning, reading and writing. Her soon-to-be-published book, Sailing Toward Ithaca, takes the reader on a journey through one year of her life. She invites the readers along, to sail through life’s journey open to all possibilities and to nurture relationships with self, others, and God by striving for self-knowledge and inner growth. Other projects include What Is Cooking in Niles, a cookbook of Greek cuisine, and a thesis, “Dostoyevsky’s Major Novels: Polemics against Liberal Thought,” for which she received high honors at Northeastern University of Illinois.


  1. What a beautifully worded review and message, Katina! It has been a privilege to serve with you. Thanks for your heart, it always encourages.

  2. Alene, You and Jeff have stirred my heart like no others!
    God bless you for what you are doing to make the world a better place for those who hurt as well as those who have been glued into a place of comfort!

    Being part of your launch team has been an honor and a blessing…not to forget, a great challenge as well, both in the realm of the spirit as well as that of… electronic technology!

    Thank God for the Tribewriters and Graffiti Team members who run to my rescue everytime I send an SOS signal. It may take me a while, but sooner or later, I get it! :)

    • No better place to learn than with a bunch of great friends. TribeWriters is awesome. I learn so much from Jeff!

      • Absolutely! What a blessing!

        I managed to include some links: Download here and See what others are saying about Graffiti.
        I hope it’s Ok!

  3. lmccy


    • Thank you Laura!

      Everyone’s imput on inserting photos, Jeff’s link about formating blogs, and five hits and misses and then Done! Still without links!

  4. Raye Cage

    Lovely review Katina so glad you persevered through the technological difficulties to share these thoughtful words with the world.

    • Ray,
      Thank you for visiting and encouraging me.

      Being with the Tribe these past months, as well as with the Graffiti Team, has been a fulfilling and challenging experience! It is the encouragement and support, of these new friends of mine, and their knowldge and patience in my ignorance that get me through many difficulties, the worsd of been the technological ones.

      As for Graffiti, it is special, powerful, inspirational! I am hornored to share my thoughts with my visitors.
      Please stop by again!

      Blessings and love this wonderful season!

  5. Vasiiliki

    thanks Kup Katina,

    How do I get these books. They will make wonderful gifts and so positive. I need this positive energy in this fast world to keep me going to. What a breath of fresh air. Did you ever think of a group of us getting together to read these to each other. I would be so up for that….xoxoxox filakia

  6. Vassiliki, I did not know how to post links to Amazon. Check out Amazon …Christian Books…Graffiti should be there. It’s amazing small an e-book. If you do not have Kindle, download the FREE Kindle Reader for your computer or ipad.

    You can also visit the Graffiti site and learn more about it: and learn more about it.

    Patty Apostolides books and Lynne Constandine’s books are great as they are over flowing with Greek culture and history and resonate with our own memories and love for Greece.
    They are also sold in Amazon, in a physical form. Patty and Lynne would love to connect with you. Can I share your email adress with Patty? They are both great women and authors.

    The others great as well, patty told me! I did not have time to check them out. I will soon. Check their links at the end of the post. Patty might also know.

    All are good reads and great gifts to give!

    Thanks again for visiting! Return Wednesday for another Greek author and his intereting pending book posted on my site. Please visit Anastasia Maness (Her link is at the bottom of my post for a non-fiction.) She is a beginner like me and needs encouragement!

    Enjoy this beautiful season!
    Love to all!

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